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JD tractors are famous the world over, starting with the Waterloo Boy tractor of 1918, the company has built an envious record in producing best selling tractors as well as a full line of farm machinery. This programme provides an overview of the many tractors that have borne the famous John Deere name and well known green and yellow livery, from two cylinder engines right up to the microchip age!

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With the ingenius use of two cylinder power plants, John Deere produced a whole range of tractors with letter designations that fulfilled every farmers needs. Model numbers gradually replaced the letters in the 1950s, but the big change was the introduction of multi-cylinder engines in 1960 with the launch of the New Generation machines. By buying out the German Lanz business, John Deere expanded its influence in Europe and soon the 20 Series was dominating sales both sides of the ‘pond’! This was followed by a gradual evolution in design that saw the arrival of the 30, 40 and 50 Series tractors until a whole new full-frame design appeared in 1992 with the 6000 and 7000 machines. We then follow the story through the various model ranges that followed including rubber tracked crawlers, and finish with the latest R Series high-tech tractors. Join us for a trip through time as we celebrate the John Deere tractor line and its unique history..


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